Conforms to NATURAL
Wine Aeration Principles

Best Wine Aerator and Decanter

No Additives
No Contamination

Simply and Purely Natural with Levare's patented technology and the one-click operation,

quick, simple, and natural wine aeration is achieved every time.

When you buy the LEVARE Wine Ritual Enhancer, you can be sure
of the fact that the natural process of wine aeration is not being
tampered with but only speeded up. And, of course, the state-of-the-art
products that you buy from us will be completely genuine thus, ensuring
the absolute best wine drinking experience.
We offer the LEVARE Wine Ritual Enhances in the Classic Black and Festival Red
editions so that you make sure that your wine enhancer matches your style and décor!


World's 1st with
Patented Technology

Who thought you can upgrade your wine drinking experience with just one
click? Well, the future of enjoying your wine is here. With our revolutionary
technology, we bring supreme pleasure, refined taste and a magical aroma to your
wine drinking time with just a simple tap. Having the perfectly aerated wine is
now as easy as tapping on a button and the rest will be done by the device that
is here to add the sparkle to your wine!